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    KusiBot DIY Kits

    Inclusive educational robotics

  • Inclusive educational robotics

    KusiBot DIY Kits. Easy to assemble. Expandable. Modular.


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  • Kusibot is a small educational robot designed as an inclusive ludic-pedagogical tool that also allows the interaction with the environment to those who have severe difficulties of physical control.
    KusiBot obeys instructions through buttons, manipulation of tangible instruction cards or through an external controller with Bluetooth communications, to which a push button or different types of sensors and accessories can be connected. It has a control type of sweep type without the need for an external display, which is produced in the robot's own luminous buttons. This way the attention is only fixed in KusiBot.
    It has been included different operating modes, such as: immediate action, sequence storage, and collaborative modes to be used with more than one user at a time.
    The possible activities and routines of play are direct the robot on a grid, move objects from one place to another according to proposed goals, giving orders for movement and manipulation of objects through an external push button in a completely autonomous, self-esteem and ability to control the environment.


    Actions that Kusibot performs:
    - Move forward.
    - Turn to right.
    - Turn to left.
    - Move back.
    - Load and releasing objects.
    - Go forward until find an obstacle.





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    KusiBot Basic

    Basic version controlled by buttons

    Status: Prototype Beta 2

    Validating with the collaboration of professionals from the socio-educational area.

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    KusiBot Switch

    Version with Bluetooth switch

    Status: Prototype Beta 3

    It is being validated with the collaboration of staff and users with cerebral palsy of the association ASPACE-Seville and school NADIS - Sagrat Cor Sarrià Barcelona.

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    KusiBot Tang

    Version with tangible instructions

    Status: Prototypo Beta 1

    Validating with the collaboration of professionals from the socio-educational area and people with visual impairment.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    What's in the KusiBot Basic DIY Mounting Kit?

    • Circuit board and all aditional components 
    • All plastics parts create with 3D printer
    • 2 stepper motor
    • 1 micro servo
    • Audio speaker
    • 2 rubber rings for wheells
    • Battery case  6xAAA
    • Paper print ensamble guide

    What's in the KusiBot Switch DIY Extension Kit?

    • Circuit board  module for external switch
    • All plastics parts create with 3D printer
    • 2  Bluetooth modules preconfigured  Mster-sleve
    • 1 Button tipo switch  with wire or sensor to demand
    • Battery case  9V
    • Paper print ensamble guide

    What buttons and sensors can be connected to the Kusibot Switch?

    You can connect to the external control module any standard pushbutton with AUDIO MONO type connector, as well as active sensors with RJ-11 connector that we have developed, adapting low-cost modules for Arduino (blowing, accelerometer, capacitive contact, infrared, ultrasound) Act as an event trigger by emulating the push of a switch. It will also be possible to use a new line of accessories that we are developing in collaboration with the startup  OTTODIY.COM

    When will the KusiBot DIY Kits be available for sale?

    We are collaborating with our commercial partner  LEANTEC.ES to be able to offer soon the first KusiBot DIY mounting kits for sale at an adjusted price. If you write us requesting information we will notify you when they become available.

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